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"Real People, With Real Problems, Finding Real Change"


This was the first time I've ever stepped foot inside a church my whole life and I'm glad I chose this one to be my first. Everyone here was so loving, I've learned a lot about God for the short time I was here. This place helped my relationship with God for the good. Thank you!

— Cong Nguyen

Our Family Story
Minister Ritchie A. Ciceron

I came to WJDMI completely broken, weighed down from my past. During that time, I had recently suffered from a miscarriage. In my search for something, I found myself at WJDMI. The discipleship classes offered me a safe place to finally talk about the many things that had been haunting me, such as the recent loss and the molestation that I experienced as a child. The classes, coupled with the love and bond created with my brothers and sisters, encouraged me to forgive my father of the abusive past that my family had experienced. We now have a growing and vibrant love relationship. Through personal counseling, I have discovered who I am and where God wants me to completely trust him. Hearing the ugly truth, in a loving package, is exactly what I so desperately needed in order to truly heal and begin living an abundant life. Coming in as a lost and broken little girl, I now find myself flourishing into a vibrant young woman who finally understands whom she is. Outside of the ministry, I have successfully completed my undergraduate degree in Psychology and am finishing up my master’s program in Public Affairs, which was mostly paid through scholarships and assistantships. I don’t know where God will take me next but I trust His plan. This Journey I will enjoy because I have true joy as my companion.

Elder Magdolia "Maggie" Colon

It has been 8 years since I have been attending WJDMI. And It has help me grow in the things of the Lord. Through discipleship classes I have healed old wounds, made peace with my past and forgave those that I needed to forgive. Now I teach, counsel and organize our ministry's monthly newsletter.  I know that God’s purpose has started to flow in my life as I took the first step of faith to allow the Lord to fulfill his purpose.

Carolynn Lavender 

I have been with the church for almost seven years and during this time I have seen a great change in myself. It was not an easy journey, but now I have a real relationship with God. I have been to many churches but did not experience God’s presence in them. I am truly blessed to be in the WJDMI family.

Karen Davis

Before coming to North Carolina and WJDMI, my life was a complete mess.  I made all sorts of mistakes, kept making promises to myself that I did not and could not keep. Having had three children, I thank God all my mistakes done over the years did not bring harm to any of them. I went from one bad relationship to the next by looking for love in all the wrong places. There were times that I thought I found love but it wasn’t so.  Even when I came across real love, I was not ready for it. I came to WJDMI in May of 2009. I came in lost and broken but now I am whole and found.  I found the love that I was searching for not realizing that I already had it.  Through the proper teaching and patience of great leaders I am now a different person.  I am a better person through the training that I received. I became a better sister, friend, mother and as of recently a wife. God have been too good for me for me to go backwards. There is no turning back!

Deacon Rotwaun English

When I came to the ministry five years ago I was lost. I knew of God but did not know much about God. According to my own opinion, I felt I was a good person. However, I lived a dark life. I did not know God’s purpose for my life. When I came to this ministry, God started working in me right away. I was full of anger, bitterness and unforgiveness. Through the teaching, sermons, bible studies, personal counseling, and discipleship class, God’s used my pastors to bring healing, deliverance and restoration. God also brought reconciliation to my relationship with my wife. I received my free gift of salvation from God through faith in Jesus Christ. They not only taught me how to live a successful Christian life but sparked my hunger to seek a deeper relationship with God. I learned to take my walk with the Lord day by day and trust in Jesus. I learned to make adjustments and examine myself daily. I am not perfect and must depend on God every day for guidance and direction. Now several years later, I continue to walk by faith. My leaders showed me humility, love, servanthood, transparency and leading by example. Now I serve as a deacon in my church alongside my wonderful wife. I have a passion for evangelism and lead a team every week to evangelize in the community. I thank God for His grace, love, and mercy. I am honored he allowed me to serve Him. I thank God for using my pastors to equip and train me to serve God and use the gifts He has given me. I thank the Lord Jesus for Him keeping me and never leaving me nor forsaking me.

Nicole Matthewson 

After only a short time attending this ministry I can now go out and spread the word of God with confidence and understanding. I’m thankful for all the time, love and patience that the pastors and members had for me through my process of healing. For so many years I lied to myself by pretending I wasn’t hurting. I hid the fact I was dying inside and no one noticed. It only took one time for me to ask my Bishop to pray for me and it was like he felt my pain and knew I was tired of feeling that way. He prayed for me like no one has every prayed for me before and had the women in the church to come and pray for me. My life has not been the same since that day. I can honestly say I’m thankful and honored to have such a true man and woman of God as my pastors and I’m forever thankful for their love and dedication to God. May God continue to bless this ministry.

Marielis Garcia

I came to this ministry with a lot of hurt and confusion. This ministry has been a blessing to my life.  When I was young, I was molested by another young person and was carrying around family situations that slowly consumed me. God brought me to this ministry so that my eyes could beopen and I could be free. As a result of my molestation, I struggled with my sexual identity.  I was with my family and all that surrounded me were problems and more problems. God cleansed me, healed me and I freed me of all these things. I separated from my family so I could see His purpose in my life because I was living a life of disorder.  I started discipleship classes and they have truly been a blessing from God. Through the classes, God healed and helped me understand my purpose. My husband and I are still in our process but are learning to lead a healthy marriage to be an example to our children. I now thrive in all aspects of my life. When this ministry gets bigger, even greater things will happen. I have seen miracles, deliverance, and much more. I left my country to come to this place and I have seen God work in my life greatly . I assure you that this ministry transforms lives. 

Moises Garcia

God bless you brothers and sisters! My life before coming to this ministry was a mess. Being molested as a child has caused me pain and confusion in the past. I now give God all the glory because He took my blindness away and made me understand how great He is. God has helped me get through all and gave me comfort in knowing everything would be alright. This discipleship class helped me heal and grow spiritually and emotionally. And for that I am very grateful to WJDMI. Hope to see you soon. God bless you!

Victor Rodriguez

Dios te bendiga! Mi nombre es Víctor Rodríguez mi testimonio va de la siguiente manera: Llegado a la iglesia WJDMI,era una persona sumergido en problemas. Vivía un caos financiero, mi salud deteriorada, y un corazón lleno de heridas, ataduras y religiosidad. Recuerdo que me sentía en guerra con el mundo entero, asi que no confiaba en nadie. Llegaba a los servicios escondiéndome de la gente. Mi apariencia personal proyectaba abandono y pocos deseos de ser una persona sociable. Pero dentro del caos que era mi vida, servicio tras servicio, palabra por palabra, El Señor ministraba y preparaba mi corazón. Sabía que necesitaba ayuda, y comencé a asistir a las clases de discipulado. Desde la primera clase Dios me confrontó y comenzó a trabajar con mi corazón. Escuché la palabra y obedecí. Y mi vida cambió radicalmente: Estaba viviendo en un refugio de personas sin hogar, y El Señor suplió un apartamento. Estaba a punto de perder mi vehículo, y hoy mi vehículo esta saldo. Mi apariencia cambió radicalmente Y muchas cosas que estaban en mi corazón, El Señor comenzó a sacarlas y darme sanidad. Amados hermanos… todo esto en solo 6 meses. ¡¡¡GLORIA A DIOS!!! Mi vida, mi testimonio, mi ejemplo para ti es sencillo: “Hay bendición y abundancia para aquellos que siguen de corazón Al Señor. Si tan solo dejaras que Dios sea quien guie tu vida, verás los resultados. Deja que Dios te sorprenda”….

Marie Torres

Gracias a este ministerio y las clases de discipulado. He aprendido a sanar, a perdonar y a trabajar en las áreas de mi vida, que no había podido entregarle al Señor, y lo más importante, acercarme más a Dios, y aprender a caminar hacia que era  el propósito de Dios en  mi vida.  Doy gracias a Dios y a mis pastores por  la dedicación y el tiempo, que  han dedicado  para ayudarme y a cada miembro de esta iglesia que ya son mi familia. Dios me los bendiga siempre.